Corporate Background

The largest provider of industrial vacuum cleaners in North America

Offering a complete line of high-performance vacuum cleaners to meet customers’ individual cleaning challenges.

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums, a division of Nilfisk, Inc., is one of the largest providers of industrial vacuum cleaners in North America. The company offers a complete line of high-performance vacuum cleaners to meet customers’ individual cleaning challenges. Equipped with exceptionally efficient filtration systems and user-friendly features, the company’s vacuums play a critical role in maintaining clean, safe environments in thousands of manufacturing facilities and industrial processes. Supported by a direct sales force and extensive dealer network, Nilfisk’s experts help solve a variety of cleaning challenges, including combustible dust, general maintenance, overhead cleaning, abatement, process integration, laboratory and cleanroom contamination control, and more. Customers are supported with on-site application assessments and product demonstrations to help them evaluate their facilities’ cleaning and maintenance needs.

Nilfisk industrial vacuums are designed for heavy-duty applications that require maximum suction power, “absolute” air purity and facility cleanliness. These vacuums are equipped with industry-specific features and industry-leading multi-stage filtration systems to ensure manufacturing facilities remain free of dust and debris.

Nilfisk Blue Line, wet/dry vacuum cleaners, are known to meet the demands of rugged applications, delivering performance, efficiency and reliability to out-last and out-perform ordinary shop-style vacuums. These vacuums feature options designed for construction sites, auto body shops and woodworking shops.


Product Line

High-efficiency portable industrial vacuum cleaners —wet/dry, explosion proof, central systems, intermittent-duty, continuous-duty, specialty.


Key Industries

Food, Pharmaceutical, Metalworking, Powder Coating, Electronics, Paper/Pulp, Woodworking


Industry-Specific Applications

Combustible Dust/Hazardous Locations
OSHA maintenance and housekeeping guidelines recommend the use of properly equipped vacuums to decrease the risk of combustible dust fires and explosions. Nilfisk’s full line of certified single- and three-phase, electric and air-operated explosion-proof vacuums facilitates compliance with OSHA’s Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program (NEP).


Food Manufacturing
Industrial HEPA-filtered vacuums can meet specific food safety hazard and quality demands such as limiting cross-contamination in production lines, increasing compliance with the FDA’s GMPs and the HACCPs, and preventing allergen-related product recalls. Nilfisk offers a range of vacuums and accessories to support compliance with portable, intermittent-duty models to process-integrated and food-grade hose and color-coded brushes and nozzles.


Facilities can significantly reduce the risk of contamination and meet ISO standards by utilizing portable vacuums for general maintenance and hazardous material spills. In addition, integrating vacuums with process equipment allows users to reclaim valuable potent compounds and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Nilfisk vacuums offer specialized features, including HEPA/ULPA filtration and Safe-Pak collection, to ensure safe, easy collection and disposal of hazardous materials.


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We’ve earned our spotless reputation by consistently producing top-quality vacuums and offering the industry’s most complete selection of vacuum filtration options, attachments and accessories. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please let us know. We make every attempt to respond to all customer inquiries within a 24 time period.

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