Light-Duty Industrial

Powerful suction, multi-stage filtration and compact, easy-to-use design are hallmarks of our light-duty industrial vacuum line-up. Ideal for use in laboratories, small industrial application, education, museums, aircraft, hospitals and more.

Efficient, convenient, comfortable cleaning

Flexible cleaning for crowded areas

40-year history of HEPA cleaning

Iconic Nilfisk vacuum, lightweight and versatile

HEPA filtered vacuum for safety & abatement applications

Next-level cleanroom vacuum

Wet/dry collection in rugged applications

Careful cleaning in museums and other delicate applications

More collection capacity, in a compact design

Lead RRP compliant cleaning

Compact and safe collection, containment and disposal of potent compounds


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We’ve earned our spotless reputation by consistently producing top-quality vacuums and offering the industry’s most complete selection of vacuum filtration options, attachments and accessories. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please let us know. We make every attempt to respond to all customer inquiries within a 24 time period.

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